12 Awesome Stroller Hacks That’ll Make Life Way Easier For Parents On The Go

As most moms and dads will tell you, time is a precious resource. It’s also one there never seems to be enough of, especially for parents.

Between caring for their little ones, teaching them about life, working, and taking of their own needs, moms and dads barely have any time to spare. That’s why anything that’ll help them make everyday tasks easier and faster is invaluable — like these 12 awesome stroller hacks.

1. Make opening and closing your stroller a breeze by labeling buttons with color-coded stickers.

2. Cut out two pockets from a shoe organizer, add adhesive Velcro to the back, then stick it to the side of your stroller’s basket for spill-free cup holders.

3. Fix tears on your stroller’s handle with Tennis Grip.